Meet the People Team

David Jones is the founder of The People Team, an organization which provides small to medium sized employers with HR support services.  Described by colleagues as a “Relational Leader”, David is a skilled Human Resources professional with 31 years of leadership experience and 17 years in HR management. As his knowledge and expertise have grown over the years, so has his passion for helping employers (especially those in the faith-based non-profit sector) build a strong team culture and experience quality relationships with the people with whom they work, serve or do business.

David obtained his B.S. in Organizational Management (Management of Human Resources emphasis) from Colorado Christian University.  For 13 years he has held the SPHR designation (Senior Professional in Human Resources), a certification granted only to those who have demonstrated a strategic mastery of the HR body of knowledge.

David and his wife of 26 years reside in Puyallup Washington, where they like to pass the time by hanging out with friends and family (including their two adult daughters), reading to each other, worshiping and serving at church, or watching a movie (right now “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is a strong repeat favorite).

If you get the chance, be sure to ask David about his funny airport encounter with Ben Stein, the reason he’ll never grow tired of watching “The Princess Bride” (he has seen it 50 times), and what’s so special about his favorite coffee joint that he’s willing to make the 60-mile round trip to go there for some caffeinated stimulation.